Suite with office

Home-style cozy rooms

The high level of involvement of representatives of the target audience is a clear proof of a simple fact: the conviction of some opponents, as well as a fresh look at familiar things, certainly opens up new horizons for experiments that are striking in their scale and grandiosity.

Price: on request

Homely cozy rooms with an atmosphere of Russian hospitality, which is created here due to simple, but harmoniously selected and impeccably crafted interior items, originating in folk art. All interior items are made according to individual sketches by unique craftsmen: an ensemble of carved wooden furniture, embroidery, lace, weaving, etc.

Each room also has its own guardian and a talisman from the representatives of the animal world of the Onega Peninsula - a seal, a white whale, an elk, a bear, etc., depicted in the paintings decorating the interior. But the most memorable "element of the interior" is the view from the window! It occupies almost the entire wall of the room - and before you opens the vastness of the White Sea to the horizon, always different and always amazing, the nature of the taiga forest with graphic vertical pines on a moss carpet.

The room has two single beds, a bedside table, chairs, a chest of drawers, a TV, a telephone, a refrigerator, Wi-Fi, a bathroom with a shower and a warm floor.

During your trip you:
  • Refectory with kitchen;
  • Сувенирный магазин с музейной экспозицией;
  • Библиотека;
  • Каминный зал с бильярдом;
  • Баня с вениками, маслами, травяными экстрактами, массажем и купанием в кедровых бочках;
  • Спортивный зал
  • СПА комплекс (талассотерапия, стоунтерапия, дендротерапия)
  • Вертолетная площадка (координаты 64,9524640, 36,8039780)
  • Аэродром круглогодичного использования для частных легкомоторных самолетов (координаты 64,9552140, 36,8224630)
  • Спутниковый интернет и телефон
  • Wifi
  • Прокат квадрациклов, снегоходов, спортивного, рыболовного инвентаря
  • Бронирование транспорта: самолет, поезд, вертолет, СВП и т.д. для приезда/отъезда в Летнюю Золотицу
  • Круглосуточный консъерж сервис
  • Стирка одежды
Included in the price:
  • Accommodation
  • Meals: breakfast (08:00-10:00), lunch (13:00-15:00), dinner (19:00-21.00) buffet or set -menu
  • Rental of ski equipment, fishing gear, bicycles, rubber boats
  • Use of the library, board games, karaoke; WiFi